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• January 21st, 2014 • Posted in All posts, News & events

I’ve got three new publishing events coming up in 2014.

First of all, there’s the US publication of Dark Eden in April.   There will also be a new US audio book version, which I’m really looking forward to hearing: it will have a large cast of actors and a lot of trouble is being taken with the Eden dialect.


US edition of Dark Eden from Broadway Books

Second, there’s the revised version of Marcher, to be published in the summer by Newcon Press.  Marcher is my second novel (the first was The Holy Machine, which was reissued last month by Corvus with a new cover).  It includes some of my very best writing – I have met people who consider it the best of my three novels to date – but the original edition, published by Cosmos, was flawed on a number of levels (ranging from sloppy editting on my part to a lack of proofreading on the part of the publishers).   I’ve revised it extensively and I’m keen to get it out there in its new and improved form.  The cover image below, by Ben Baldwin, depicts the book’s main protagonist: a solitary immigration officer who is obsessed with boundaries and mirrors.

Marcher New Cover

The cover of the new revised Marcher

Thirdly, Mother of Eden, the sequel to Dark Eden, will also be coming out, some time in the the second half of the year.  This depicts an Eden a couple of centuries on from the events in Dark Eden,  where the two halves of the original family of Eden have become two distinct societies, with their own starkly different takes on the events described in the original book.  Mother of Eden cover

5 comments on “Publication plans 2014”

  1. SarahClare says:

    I’m really enjoying Dark Eden, so a sequel coming so soon is GREAT news!!


  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Sarah. Have a look at my other novels too. They’re not like Dark Eden (both are set on Earth for one thing), but many people like them!

  3. Phil Ackerman says:

    Is “Mother of Eden” much different to “Gela’s Ring”?

  4. Chris says:

    Yes, well over half of it is completely new material. Setting is the same, though, it includes the same main characters and the story is similar though not exactly the same.

  5. Phil Ackerman says:

    Just read chapter 21 and it was sooo exciting, I was holding my breath towards the end 🙂 Great to know there is going to be loads of new stuff in the book.

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