New Covers

It’s a cliche that you can’t judge a book by its cover but in my experience the cover can make quite a difference to the whole reading experience.  So I’m really delighted that Corvus have decided to re-release the first four novels of mine they published in these really beautiful new covers by Richard Evans.

Here are the three Eden books:

And here is my first novel, The Holy Machine, which has already had several very different cover designs:

2 thoughts on “New Covers”

  1. These are beautiful covers, in a way minimalistic but fitting.
    And yes, a cover can indeed make quite a difference. Actually, if it wasn’t for Dark Eden’s white cover with those mysterious shapes, the book might have never caught my eyes…

  2. Thanks Raimund. I’m very pleased with them I must say. The covers of books I read in my teens still linger in my mind, and form an important part of the ‘feel’ of those books in my mind, so I’m very happy to have covers that I really like. Not that I didn’t like the white one!

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