Dark Eden and Green Belt Festival

I was very pleased to learn this week that Dark Eden has been selected as the ‘Big Read’ book for the Green Belt Festival this year.   It’s quite an honour.

This support for my book comes from an unexpected quarter.  This is a Christian festival.  Dark Eden (like The Holy Machine) obviously draws deeply on Judeo-Christian tradition (one reviewer described the main character John Redlantern, as Cain and Moses rolled into one), but it isn’t a Christian book.  It will be interesting to see what festival readers make of it.

Reflections in this blog (some more articulate than others) on my relationship with religion, can be found: here (‘Batter my heart’), here (‘The Christmas story’), here (‘From Bodhisattva to St Josaphat: the adventures of a story’), here (‘A Buddhist temple’)  and here (‘Science fiction and religion’).

4 thoughts on “Dark Eden and Green Belt Festival”

  1. I am looking forward to reading it. I think my daughter in law Rebecca had a big part in choosing Dark Eden as she is heavily involved in the Big Read at greenbelt.

  2. Thanks. I much appreciate Rebecca’s support for this book. It’s good to have a new audience. Best wishes, Chris

  3. Chris, I took the kindle version to Greenbelt to read in my “chilling out” time. Loved every minute of it and found myself having more “chilling out” time than I usually do.

    Am now listening to your talk (which I missed live – sorry) and that has inspired me to download the Kindle version of “The Turing Test”.

    You were definitely my “find” of the festival.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks so much for this Deirdre. There are some writers who claim to write for themselves alone, but for me writing is very definitely about communicating with other people. And one of the great pleasures of writing, is learning that I’ve connected somehow with people who I don’t even know, and may never meet. So feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy the Turing Test. All best, Chris

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