My Next Novel

• May 12th, 2017 • Posted in All posts, News & events

My next novel, America City, is now at the proof-reading stage.  It even has an Amazon page already, though you can’t yet preorder. I’m getting rather excited about it.  It’s starting to feel real.

This book will be a new departure for me in that all three of its predecessors were set on my sunless planet, Eden, but this takes place in North America in the twenty-second century.  No more glowing forests or hmmmphing trees, though I think readers may still be able to spot links of various kinds between America City and the Eden books.

Like my previous novels it’s to be published in the UK by Corvus, and should be available from 2nd November.

And there’s another book behind it too, my next short-story collection, Spring Tide, already good to go, and also to be published by Corvus.  It should be coming out in the UK in the Spring of 2018.  This is a new departure too.  I have published two previous collections, and one of them won me a prize, but this is my first collection to consist entirely of previously unpublished stories, and my first ever published fiction, whether in the long or short form, that really could not be defined as science fiction.


Cambridge event with Brian Catling: April 27th

• March 23rd, 2017 • Posted in All posts, News & events

If you are in or near Cambridge on April 27th, I am meeting Brian Catling at Heffer’s bookshop at 6.30pm – 8pm.  Details/tickets here.


во тьме здема

• September 16th, 2016 • Posted in All posts, News & events

Delighted to receive a copy of the Russian version of Dark Eden.  (Literal translation of the Russian title: In the Darkness of Eden).  So, crossing my fingers that Google Translate doesn’t let me down. let me just say:

Дорогие российские читатели, Добро пожаловать в Эдем!

Russian cover


Daughter of Eden: Liverpool October 26th

• September 7th, 2016 • Posted in All posts, News & events

Very pleased that I will be at Waterstone’s in Liverpool on 26th October at 6.30.

So I now have three events to mark the launching of Daughter of Eden.   A couple more and I’ll be thinking of getting one of those tour date T-shirts made.  (You know?  Chris Beckett, Daughter of Eden Tour, Autumn 2016…)

Anyway the dates are as follows.  Click for more details.  You need to book for both the Waterstone’s events.

London: signing at Forbidden Planet Megastore, October 6th, 6-7pm

Birmingham: in conversation with Tom Hunter (Clarke Award), Waterstones, October 25th, 7-9pm

Liverpool: ‘an evening with Chris Beckett’, Waterstones, October 26th, 6.30-8pm


Daughter cover


Headland anthology

• September 1st, 2016 • Posted in All posts, News & events

I’m very pleased that my short story ‘Monsters’, first published in Interzone way back in 2003, will be appearing, in very distinguished company, in the Headland anthology, published by Edge Hill University Press to mark 10 years of the Edge Hill Prize.  The Edge Hill Prize is the UK’s main prize for single author collections of stories (of any genre) and winning it for my collection, The Turing Test, was a huge breakthrough in my writing career.

Although it’s not the story that people most often mention when they read The Turing Test, ‘Monsters’ is a personal favourite of mine, perhaps because, although autobiographical elements are present in almost all my fiction, they are particularly to the fore here in this story about how writers both use and are held back by their demons, and about a poet’s emotionally stifling relationship with his mother.

Here’s the blurb about me and the story on the Edge Hill website.



Daughter of Eden signing, Forbidden Planet, London Oct 6th

• August 3rd, 2016 • Posted in All posts, News & events

I’ll be signing copies of Daughter of Eden, the third and final Eden novel, at Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Ave, London, on Oct 6th, 6 – 7 pm, October 6th.   Do come along and say hello if in the area!

Daughter cover

(If you are nearer to Birmingham, see previous post about event there on Oct 25th).


Talking about Eden, Waterstones, Birmingham, Oct 25th

• August 1st, 2016 • Posted in All posts, News & events

If in or near Birmingham on 25th October, I hope you’ll come along to this event at Waterstone’s where I’ll be talking to Tom Hunter, Director of the Arthur C. Clarke award about my new novel, Daughter of Eden, 7-9 pm.

Daughter cover

I’ll also be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet, London, on Oct 6th: details to follow.



Marcher on offer

• March 15th, 2016 • Posted in All posts, News & events

Just to let you know that the signed hardback edition of Marcher from Newcon Press, with its striking cover by Ben Baldwin, is currently on special offer here, along with a number of other publications from Ian Whates’ excellent imprint.

aaa marcher cover


Mother of Eden shortlisted for BSFA award.

• February 8th, 2016 • Posted in All posts, News & events

I’m really delighted to learn that Mother of Eden has been shortlisted for the BSFA’s Best Novel award for 2015.   Thanks very much to all the BSFA members who voted for the book.   I’m so glad you liked it.  Writing fiction is a bit like being a puppeteer.  You move the puppets around, you make them speak, but you yourself can never be completely sure what will come over to an audience which hasn’t been involved with all the glue and string and papier-mache.  It’s a very good feeling, and a big relief, when the audience applauds.

The award event itself will be on Easter saturday, at Eastercon.  It’s up against some pretty tough competition: Dave Hutchinson’s Europe at Midnight,  Aliette de Bodard’s The House of Shattered Wings, Ian McDonald’s  Luna: New Moon, and Justina Robson’s Glorious Angels.  I’ve always thought that it doesn’t really make much sense for the competitors for a single prize to wish each other good luck, but, to hell with logic, I know it’s a good feeling to win a prize, and I wish that feeling for all of us.  After all, who knows, the universe may split into five at that point.

PS: Puppeteer or not, one thing I am pretty confident of is that, if you liked Mother of Eden, you’ll love Daughter of Eden, which should be out later on this year.


Launch for Mother of Eden, July 15th

• June 29th, 2015 • Posted in All posts, News & events

There’ll be a launch event at Heffer’s bookshop in Cambridge (my home town), for Mother of Eden, on July 15th, 6.30 – 8.00.   Hope you can come!   Free tickets available via this link.

And here’s a nice review of the book itself from Gareth D. Jones.