Natascha Kampusch (3)

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An odd thing to admit for a fiction writer, but, though I love writing fiction more than ever, I’m increasingly reading non-fiction.  The book by Natascha Kampusch which I described before has certainly had a more profound effect on me, and made me think more, than any novel that I’ve read for a very long time.  What an extraordinary person, only 24, a year younger than my oldest daughter: so strong and clear-headed, so determined to live on her own terms.

She has a website here.  On it there are pictures of her in Sri Lanka, where she’s apparently been doing charitable work.  Here’s one of them.

How different it must feel for her than it would  for most of us, to be there under the sky, surrounded by other people, free to go wherever she wants.

2 thoughts on “Natascha Kampusch (3)”

  1. I am a big fan of Natascha Kampusch! I’m so glad she is free!
    I follow updates on her and hope she is doing well these days.

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