Dark Eden wins Arthur C Clarke award!!

I’m absolutely delighted that Dark Eden has won the Arthur C Clarke award.  I’m feeling a bit dazed today (though very happily so), and sleepiness is starting to catch up with me, so I won’t attempt to write much about it now.   (There are few thoughts here written earlier in the day for the Atlantic Books website, and the award ceremony itself is on video here.)

I will say though that I have been extremely touched by the number of people who have contacted me one way or another to say ‘well done!’  It’s not so often in life that you get a whole bunch of people warmly wishing you well all at once.  It feels absolutely great!   And it really is much so easier to write when you feel that people are cheering you on.


4 thoughts on “Dark Eden wins Arthur C Clarke award!!”

  1. Hi Chris, I just wanted to add my congratulations for your thoroughly deserved Clarke award. I also feel somewhat vindicated myself: all the folk I’ve told over the years to “read this guy, his stuff’s awesome!” now know I wasn’t just making it up :p The Edinburgh SF Book Group salute you!

  2. Thanks Jer. I knew it was only a matter of time, once Edinburgh book group started taking notice of me!

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