Florida Justice

May 2012.  Marissa Alexander, a black woman in Florida receives a twenty year sentence for firing warning gun shots into the wall during an altercation with her husband, against whom she  had already taken out a protective order because of his violence against her.  There is no injury to her husband.

July 2013.  George Zimmerman, a white man in Florida, is acquitted of any charge, after shooting dead an unarmed 17-year-old black boy, walking back from making some purchases in a local convenience store.

It seems those old double standards are alive and well.

2 thoughts on “Florida Justice”

  1. Ugh. Your summaries are missing some key points, hopefully the thought processes are more nuanced.

    Enjoyed Dark Eden, doubt I’ll follow your future work.

    I have never understand why athletes, public figures and those that depend on the support of a broad audience interject their political/cultural opinions into the public arena. They just anger 50% of people who may otherwise purchase their product.

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