The Circle of Stones

• February 21st, 1992 • Posted in Short stories

The original prototype for the novel Dark Eden.

Published in Interzone, February 1992

2 comments on “The Circle of Stones”

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Chris, I really love the Eden trilogy, I just finished dark Eden for the third time earlier in the week. I just wanted to know if there was anywhere I could access Circle of Stones? I just need more Eden, I’m suffering withdrawal.

  2. Chris says:

    Hello Daniel, I’m very pleased you enjoyed the Eden books so much. No one has ever told me they have read Dark Eden three times before! It is great to know that you’ve been able to connect so well with this world of mine. Regarding ‘The Circle of Stones’, I don’t currently have a digital version of this story at all. Bear in mind that this isn’t a prequel to Dark Eden (unlike the short story, ‘Dark Eden’ which is), but rather an early version of one of the key scenes in the novel itself. A prototype, in other words, rather than a prequel.

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