Piccadilly Circus

Published in Interzone, May-June 2005; 3rd place in annual Interzone reader’s poll.

(This story is collected in The Turing Test from Elastic Press)


  • Year’s Best Science fiction # 23, edited by Gardner Dozois
  • Esli Magazine (Russian translation)

2 thoughts on “Piccadilly Circus”

  1. Really loved this story and ‘The Perimeter’, found the world fascinating and am wondering if you have or are planning to write any more stories in the same world.
    Also loving many of the other stories in the Turing test as well.
    Read your novel ‘Dark Eden’ earlier in the year and loved that, looking forward to the sequal.
    Chester science fiction and fantasy bookgroup is reading Dark Eden in december (my choice).

  2. Thanks very much for choosing my book for your group Rodney. Feel free to contact me if any group members have any queries about the book.

    A lot of people like those two stories. I haven’t written another story in exactly that world (though I may well do), but when my new collection comes out (‘The Peacock Cloak’), you’ll see that there are one or two stories in it that are sort of prequels to them.

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