Sons of Eden

Published as a chapbook as part of my guest of honour contribution for Novacon 48, in Nottingham.

Scene from the planet Eden: David A Hardy’s cover illustration for Sons of Eden.

5 thoughts on “Sons of Eden”

  1. Hello, is there any way to buy or to read Sons of Eden? it seems the Novacon chapbook only had a limited release and cannot be found anywhere. Also, do you have any plans to revisit the Dark Eden universe? it’s one of my favorite scifi series. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your interest Razvan. No plans for any more Eden novels at the moment, I’m afraid. I think it’s important to quit while Eden is still fresh, rather than keep on setting more stories in the same world. But I’m very pleased you have enjoyed it. I will send you an email about Sons of Eden.

  3. Hi! Thank you very much for this brilliant world and people therein. May I ask for the Sons also? All this story is just as morish as a written one can be.

  4. Thank you Andrey. I really appreciate you kind comments. ‘Sons of Eden’ was just a short story I wrote for a convention chapbook. I’m afraid I no longer have a digital copy, or I’d post it here for you.

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