A dream

My wife and I were having an argument about something or other, and I was getting quite annoyed.

‘Well, I shouldn’t get too upset about it,’ she said. ‘After all, this is only a dream.’

This took me aback.

‘Really?  So where will we be when we wake up?’

She laughed.

‘Well that’s one thing you can never know in advance.’

I pondered this for a while.

And I got to wondering, if this was a dream, whose dream was it?  I couldn’t quite remember how these things worked, but it seemed to me there was something problematic about two people sharing the same dream.

Then I remembered I was away from home, spending the night in a B & B.

But at that point, of course, I was no longer dreaming.

2 thoughts on “A dream”

  1. Well that’s about it, Helen, but I’m sure I’ll come back to it in another story at some point. I really had this dream a while ago and it struck me that it made a little mini-story, so I wrote it down here. What Maggie said in the dream is true isn’t it. You can know you’re dreaming and still be dreaming, but once you know where you really are, then you are no longer dreaming. I was struck the thought that my dreaming head could remember that quite complicated fact about the nature of dreams, even while I had no idea where I was or even really who I was. Makes you wonder if we’ll all wake up and find ourselves in some entirely unexpected place, which we nevertheless recognise as soon as we see it. (I think this comment is now longer than the post itself!) All best. Chris

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