US publication of Dark Eden and its sequel.

Broadway Books (part of the Crown Publishing Group) has acquired US rights in DARK EDEN and its sequel (MOTHER OF EDEN aka GELA’S RING).   I’m very pleased!

Full press release:


 Julian Pavia at Broadway Books (part of the Crown Publishing Group) has acquired US rights in the science fiction novels DARK EDEN and GELA’S RING by Chris Beckett from Michael Carlisle at Inkwell Management and Vanessa Kerr, Rights Director at Grove Atlantic in London, for a high five-figure sum in US dollars.

 DARK EDEN was published by Atlantic’s Corvus imprint in 2012 and is shortlisted for the BSFA Award for Best SF Novel of the year, as well as being mentioned in several national papers as 2012’s best SF novel.  The sequel, GELA’S RING, will be published by Corvus in spring 2014.  The agent who did both world rights deals with Atlantic was John Jarrold.

 ‘Ravi Mirchandani is in New York and both he and Michael Carlisle have obviously worked their magic in regards to this offer,’ said John Jarrold.  ‘Chris and I are delighted.  He is a major author, whose talent is now being recognised both inside and outside the UK.’

Contact John Jarrold for further details.

2 thoughts on “US publication of Dark Eden and its sequel.”

  1. I have read the fist part of Gela’s ring, very enjoyable. Am I making a mistake by reading this before Dark Eden?


  2. It should make sense without having read Dark Eden, Phil, but the events in Dark Eden are constantly being referred to, and if I were you, I’d read DE. (Difficult for me to know, really, what it is like to read Gela’s Ring without DE because of course I did know what happened in DE when I wrote it!)

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