First review of The Peacock Cloak

Peacock Cloak coverThe first review of The Peacock Cloak is in today’s Financial Times.

It’s nice to be compared to Ray Bradbury, though I’ve never read The Martian Chronicles (or ‘The Pedestrian’ either as far as I can recall).   But these things become part of the aether after a while.  Bits and pieces of them find their way to us via the imaginations of many people, and we reassemble the fragments.

You can order the book now, in paperback or kindle, from Amazon (right now Amazon haven’t linked the two versions up, but they’re both there somewhere if you look.)

If you’ve read the book, and would like a little more background to the stories, I put a little link for each story here, with sundry thoughts and comments.  It’s like the patter between songs at a concert, I suppose.

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