Spring Tide

‘A brilliantly different take on what it means to be alive in the 21st century’  Eric Brown, The Guardian (full review here)

Twenty-one original stories.

My first published foray outside of the parameters of science fiction. Some of the 21 stories in this book include fantastical elements, some do not, but none of them (at least according to my definition) could be described as SF.

Spring Tide on Hive

Spring Tide on Amazon UK.

Spring  Tide audio book  (Accompanied by the worst review any book of mine has ever received!)

2 thoughts on “Spring Tide”

  1. I haven’t Danielle. It would be interesting to explore what she makes of Earth and what Earth makes of her, I think, but no plans at the moment to do so in a book. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I sometimes think it would be fun to do a collection of stories about events in Eden in between the three novels, or before or after them. Maybe your idea could be one of them.

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