America City

The United States a century in the future.   As a result of climate change, powerful hurricanes hit the east coast every year, each time a little further north.  And large areas of the southern half of the US have insufficient water, meaning that many towns and cities, and whole swathes of farmland, are no longer viable.  Each year a steady stream of refugees from southern states heads north, but they meet an increasingly frosty welcome, and some northern states are threatening frontier controls to keep them out.

Holly Peacock, a bright young British PR professional who has settled in the US, begins to work for a charismatic US Senator called Stephen Slaymaker, who rose from poverty via army service in Africa, to build up one of America’s largest trucking businesses.  Slaymaker is campaigning for a huge government-funded programme to shift the American population northwards, and so prevent the north-south divide from tearing America apart.    When Slaymaker stands for President, this Reconfigure America programme is at the core of his platform and Holly’s job is to win support for it.

But how to sell the idea to northern voters that they should welcome in millions of refugees from the south, and pay for it too in their taxes?  Working closely with Slaymaker, Holly finds a way, but it involves fighting dirty and has catastrophic consequences which she didn’t anticipate at all.

From Corvus: November 2017

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5 thoughts on “America City”

  1. You mention a connection between this and the Eden trilogy. Will we see the theft of the Defiant, perhaps?

  2. Hi Chris,

    I came to check your blog to see if you have anything new coming out and am pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to it. You must write fast!

    Do you think you will release another book of short stories?

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